40 Under 40, Class of 2016

Jennifer Boldt


United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Toledo, Ohio

Job Title

Research Horticulturalist


  • Established a research program examining how environmental factors and cultural practices influence growth and development of greenhouse crops.
  • Managed the annual trial garden at the University of Florida for three years. During that time, the university added a winter trial and more than doubled the number of cultivars evaluated in the spring/summer trial.


Try to Keep Up: Jennifer is an avid runner who ran her first marathon two years ago. So far she has run four marathons with more to come in the future.

Fun Facts

Spins a Good Yarn: Five years ago, she taught herself how to knit. “It’s a very useful hobby when you live in a northern climate! I wear hand-knit socks almost daily.”

Don’t Confuse Her With: Jennifer’s twin sister is also in the horticulture industry. See Jessica Boldt.