Supplemental lighting strategies that let plants control the conditions

Light is a crucial factor affecting plant growth, especially during the winter or on cloudy days. To ensure optimal crop yield and quality, growers often utilize supplemental lighting strategies such as HPS or LED lights,... more »

New Philips GreenPower LED toplighting force 2.0 unlocks lighting intelligence

Signify has launched its latest innovation, the Philips GreenPower LED toplighting force 2.0 (TLF 2.0). Designed to further revolutionize horticultural grow lighting, this system offers more light, dynamic color control, high energy efficiency and optimal... more »

Sollum Technologies partners with Leaficient

Sollum Technologies has partnered with Leaficient to enhance agricultural lighting through advanced data integration. This collaboration aims to optimize cultivation by integrating precise plant growth data into Sollum’s advanced algorithms. Leaficient utilizes computer vision technology... more »

Philips collaborates on intelligent lighting in vertical farming

Signify enters a partnership between Philips Horticulture LED solutions and Hoogendoorn Growth Management. The new partnership brings the market leader in horticulture lighting technology and a worldwide innovator in greenhouse automation solutions together, to unlock the full... more »

New light hub for Zebra Smart Cameras

Advanced Illumination, the originators of LED lighting for machine vision, released a new class of LED lighting controllers. It's aimed at revolutionizing machine vision system building through the simplification of camera, light and I/O accessory... more »

SUNaaS Laptop and Phone - Right green circle Sollum Technologies

New features in grower control from Sollum Technologies

Sollum Technologies announces the latest enhancements to its groundbreaking SUN as a Service (SUNaaS) cloud platform. The SUNaaS platform is at the heart of Sollum’s revolution in greenhouse lighting. Reproducing and modulating natural sunlight with... more »

Sollum Technologies and Damatex partner for better greenhouse management

Sollum Technologies announces a new strategic partnership with Damatex. This collaboration combines the greenhouse lighting control features of Sollum’s proprietary SUN as a Service cloud platform (SUNaaS) with Damatex’s advanced climate control systems. The benefits... more »

Greenhouse image of plants growing in commercial setting

Technically Speaking: Controlling greenhouse temperature for successful production

The single greatest reason we grow crops inside greenhouses is to regulate the temperature. In addition, the primary determinant of crop timing is the average temperature. Despite this, it can be easy to overlook temperature... more »