Plant Health

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The Importance of Transpiration

Transpiration is the process of water movement from the roots to the shoots of plants. Just like photosynthesis and respiration, it is a requisite function for plant growth. In this article, the specific functions of... more »

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How Does Growing Medium Affect Nematodes?

Question Can you please provide information on how the growing medium can affect Steinernema feltiae? Answer Steinernema feltiae is an entomopathogenic nematode used in greenhouse production systems to manage fungus gnat, Bradysia spp., larval populations... more »

USDA ARS scientists and research partners find faster, less expensive Lebbeck mealybug detection method

The United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists and research partners have found a faster, safer, and less expensive way for growers to detect the invasive Lebbeck mealybug, according to a... more »

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AFE releases online library of thrips and Botrytis resources

The American Floral Endowment (AFE) has announced the release of a new Thrips and Botrytis Research Library. This library is the result of a special research campaign, established in 2017, to address the control and... more »

Chat Room — July 2023

This month, we asked you, our readers, about greenhouse sanitation practices, pest and pathogen issues, and growing shrubs and perennials. Do you have a question you want us to ask? Contact managing editor, Heather Machovina,... more »

Is Your greenhouse really clean?

Maintaining a clean greenhouse can mean the difference between growing a high-quality, profitable crop and scrambling to reduce losses from pathogens and pests. Here are five steps that can help you lower your chances of... more »

The pitchfork method

Often when growers and integrated pest management (IPM) managers are thinking and speaking of controlling pests with traditional pesticides, we think of product X being used for pest problem Z. This is also often the... more »

Duets: Biostimulants — Learning to leverage the biological world

My guest today is Allison Jack, Ph.D., product technical director at NewLeaf Symbiotics based in St. Louis, Missouri. Allison earned her undergraduate degree at Reed College in Oregon, working... more »