chemical treatment

Rotating chemical treatments

Pest control chemistry options are aplenty in the greenhouse industry — they all have different strengths and target insects, weeds and disease. When putting together an integrated pest management (IPM) plan, growers must consider how... more »

hydroponic lettuce

Hand-in-hand with hydroponics

Hydroponics is a way of growing plants without soil, but that doesn’t mean it is all media-less. Media is often used as a way to stabilize plants and provide a place for root development.  THE... more »

investing plant health

Investing in your plant health

In its simplest terms, integrated pest management (IPM) is a decision-making process that combines tools and strategies to identify and manage pests. Integrated plant health management (IPHM) takes things a step further, emphasizing a more... more »

Dr. Bugs: Resulting resistance

Answer: Insecticides are used to manage populations of insect pests including aphids, fungus gnats, leafminers, mealybugs, thrips and whiteflies in greenhouse production systems below plant-damaging levels. However, continual reliance on insecticides with the same mode... more »

Forty Under 40 Perspectives: Frost protection using irrigation

When I began working at Bailey Nurseries as an assistant foreman in plant health, I had a lot to learn despite a degree in horticulture and 10 plus years working in the industry. The scale... more »

Duets: Peat industry confusion

Joining me to discuss peat moss is James Altland, research leader for the Application Technology Unit of the USDA Agricultural Research Service in Wooster, Ohio.  James earned his undergraduate degree in 1995 at Penn State... more »

Dramm, CE-Line patnership brings real-time nutrient testing

The Dramm Corp. announced their partnership with CE-Line to provide in-line nutrient testing of irrigation water in North America.  CE-Line is a unique, laboratory quality, nutrient analysis system that automatically samples water throughout the day.... more »

Irrigating with technology

Well-designed irrigation systems can help increase efficiencies in greenhouses and nurseries with labor savings and optimizing water delivery for plant growth. Automation provides a systematic and reliable way of delivering water while pairing irrigation with... more »