Growth strategy by way of automation

Greenhouse automation is the way of the future for plant production. If you’re not already investing in these technological advances, you should consider the options and make a plan. Automation can decrease labor and costs,... more »

Growing media 101

All growing media are not created equal. Water holding capacity, nutrient contents, and important considerations like pH and electrical conductivity (EC) will vary. It’s also important to consider the full list of contents within a... more »

Dr. Bugs: Anthranilic diamide insecticides

Answer: Insecticides in the IRAC group 28 are referred to as anthranilic diamides. There are three IRAC group 28 insecticides labeled for use in greenhouse... more »

HydraFiber receives UL Solutions certification

 HydraFiber, a substrate manufactured by Profile Products for use in commercial and consumer growing media, recently received the Recycled Content Environmental Claim Validation (ECV) from UL Solutions. The validation, based on UL 2809 Environmental Claim Validation... more »

USDA AMS clarifies varietal labeling requirements for seed

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) reiterates its standing policy related to varietal labeling requirements for agricultural and vegetable seed shipped in interstate commerce. AMS’s policy is based on requirements of... more »

Technically Speaking: Advancements in horticultural lighting

The science, engineering and application of horticultural lighting advances with developments in light-emitting diode (LED) technology. In the past decade, efficacy of LED fixtures has more than doubled, dimmability has become common, tolerance to greenhouse... more »

Unlock your lighting potential

Supplemental lighting is often required for consistent year-round production, but deciding what type of light fixtures to use and how to control them is not always simple. Since each greenhouse is different, it is not... more »

BrightFarms builds regional salad greenhouse hubs

BrightFarms is expanding with four new regional greenhouse hubs offering sustainably grown leafy greens to more people across the Eastern and Central U.S. The new locations will begin shipping to retailers in 2024 to help... more »

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