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Ball Seed and TTA partner for sticking machine

New sticking machine saves on greenhouse labor

Ball Seed announced a distribution partnership with technology provider TTA to launch the company’s new CuttingEdge automated sticking machine for planting rooted and unrooted cuttings to the North American market. Engineered for accuracy and increased... more »

All-in-one installation services for the horticulture industry

Nationally known, Griffin Greenhouse Supplies is responding to a significant surge in requests for turnkey installation services. As a single source horticultural supplier, Griffin partners with installers, such as JHS Group, to provide customer support. ... more »

Greenhouse image of plants growing in commercial setting

Technically Speaking: Controlling greenhouse temperature for successful production

The single greatest reason we grow crops inside greenhouses is to regulate the temperature. In addition, the primary determinant of crop timing is the average temperature. Despite this, it can be easy to overlook temperature... more »

Technically Speaking: A 2024 LED lighting update

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have become the “go to” fixture type for most horticultural lighting applications. Growers are replacing high-pressure sodium (HPS) with LEDs, often delivering a higher intensity than before. In addition, new supplemental lighting... more »

SGAFT: Energy curtain performance

The Small Greenhouse and Farm Technology (SGAFT) project is collaborating with GPN for a series of research reports and articles on small scale technology application. SGAFT’s mission includes providing small greenhouse and farm operators with... more »

Striving for optimal greenhouse control

After labor costs, energy is typically the second largest expense in greenhouse crop production. Mechanization and automation can help reduce labor requirements as long as the technology is cost-effective. The economics of such technology investments... more »

DENSO acquires Certhon

DENSO acquires Certhon Group

DENSO Corporation has acquired the full stake in Certhon Group, a Dutch horticultural facility operator, with the aim of accelerating the global expansion of its agricultural production business. In recent years, climate change and a... more »

Next-generation anti-drip film for greenhouses

{Sponsored} Using nanotechnology, Sunmaster EVO AC®, a greenhouse polyethylene film, was designed to offer powerful anti-drip and anti-mist properties and help commercial growers cultivate more effectively. Compared to conventional polyethylene covers, which lose the anti-condensate... more »