Supplemental lighting strategies that let plants control the conditions

Light is a crucial factor affecting plant growth, especially during the winter or on cloudy days. To ensure optimal crop yield and quality, growers often utilize supplemental lighting strategies such ... more »
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Annuals, perennials and foliage introductions to consider for 2025 production

Remarkable releases from 2024 California Spring Trials for growers to consider adding to their offerings for the new year.

Merrill’s Packaging supports distributors affected by McConkey closure

A long-standing supplier of horticultural goods, McConkey has announced its closing. Merrill's Packaging stands ready to offer immediate support to distributors and companies affected by this developm... more »

Moa Technology and Nufarm partner

Moa Technology, an agricultural biotech firm, has signed a research and commercial partnership with Nufarm, a global agricultural innovator based in Melbourne, Australia. Moa has discovered sever... more »

GPN’s Labor Survey Report

Ornamental growers reveal industry challenges