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Cultivate your success by unveiling the secrets to thriving plant programs By Celina Young

At Cultivate’24, over 90 education sessions, tours and workshops are specifically curated to help educate and empower greenhouse growers.

As a greenhouse grower, you understand the daily challenges and constant pressure to stay ahead of the curve. Consumer trends shift, competition is fierce and you need to optimize your operation for both efficiency and profitability. 

The good news? You’re not alone. Thousands of growers and professionals from all sectors of the green industry come together at Cultivate to find strategies and solutions to address their biggest business challenges. 

At Cultivate’24, over 90 education sessions, tours and workshops are specifically curated to help educate and empower greenhouse growers. Over 650 exhibitors pack the trade show floor, all poised to equip you with the plants, products and services you need to thrive. 

Speakers leading greenhouse education at Cultivate’24 share a glimpse into some of the key educational themes at Cultivate this year and what they are most excited to learn from a series of grower-led panel discussions on best management practices developed from trials conducted across the U.S. 


Some of the best ways we learn are through trial and error. But these region-specific panel discussions bring together growers experiencing the same environmental conditions, who are selling to similar markets as your business, letting you get one step ahead. 

“This series of sessions will help any grower take a lot of the guesswork out of growing these crops,” said Ryan Doughty, production manager at Moss Greenhouses. “This is going to be some great information from growers across the country that will provide real comparisons and growing tips that the attendees can take home and apply to help be successful. Identifying improvements and crops that have already proved themselves in these areas will be a game changer.” 

Growers will walk away with practical, actionable tips they can implement immediately to see results including proven strategies to reduce residency time and fertilizer needs. Stay on top of the latest trending varieties coming down the pipe and refine production practices to make sure those tried-and-true staples are achieving peak performance. 


The true value of attending Cultivate is combining the new ideas and strategies found in education sessions with the business solutions available on the trade show floor. 

“Every part of the industry is represented there,” remarks Mullins. “You have growers, retailers, landscapers, from small businesses to big box stores. Then machinery as well. It’s all-encompassing, and I don’t know another show that does that.” 


Education sessions and panels at Cultivate feature industry leaders and experienced growers who face the same challenges you do. 

“It’s not bad to fail. I’m constantly learning. Attending sessions like these enlightens your views. I might learn more than some of our attendees while I’m sitting on the panel! I want to hear some of the successes and failures of others, and I want to understand how they made those decisions,” said Brett Cromly, nursery manager at Monrovia. 

“Attending education at Cultivate provides perspective,” said Denise Mullins, director of product innovation at Smith Gardens. “Understanding the viewpoint of not just growers, but other groups like retailers and landscapers — both big and small — helps you see the full picture of how the plants you produce will be used. Knowing that end goal can inform your production process.”


Cultivate isn’t just about acquiring knowledge — it’s about fostering a spirit of collaboration within the industry and your business. 

Cromly shared that part of understanding the end-use of plants comes from good relationships with your sales team. 

“Every plant we grow has a story to tell, and it’s our duty as growers to help our team understand that. Making production plans that target specific customers takes careful timing. That information and targeting comes from our sales team and understanding their forecasts, creating a really cooperative symbiotic relationship with sales and production,” Cromly said.

Mullins emphasized the importance of building strong teams through effective communication and knowledge sharing. 

“I’ve walked into greenhouses where it’s obvious that you have two people not on the same page or not communicating, just looking at the plants,” Mullins said. “Being under a really good team leader in a greenhouse is life-changing, you know?” 

Cultivate education is not just for business owners or head growers; there are also educational opportunities for your newest team members. Back2Basics classes cover fundamental skills that can set your team up for success after Cultivate or help you develop a training program to bring back to your business. 


Attending Cultivate’s educational programming is an investment in the future of your greenhouse operation. An All-Access Education Pass at Cultivate’24 unlocks the full potential of this industry-leading event. Gain access to all 160+ educational sessions, network with peers and industry experts, and discover innovative solutions that will propel your greenhouse operation forward. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to cultivate your success July 13-16, 2024, in Columbus, Ohio.

Celina Young

Celina Young is the marketing and communications specialist at AmericanHort. Learn more and register at