Dive deeper and gain an edge By Celina Young

Why Cultivate’s workshops are essential for developing yourself and your business

Cultivate’24 offers a wealth of educational and business growth opportunities, but the workshops stand out for their unique ability to propel attendees beyond theory and into practical application. These in-depth, hands-on sessions are designed to equip you with actionable skills and strategies you can implement immediately to elevate your business. 


Here’s why attending a Cultivate workshop is an investment worth making: 

Master in-demand skills: Forget lectures — workshops get down and dirty. Whether you’re a grower struggling with pest control or a retailer looking to boost sales through visual communication, these sessions provide a platform to develop practical skills through real-world exercises. From learning how to sample cuttings for pests in a greenhouse environment to creating a compelling sales sketch for a client, you’ll gain the tools you need to excel in your business. 

Deepen your knowledge: Workshops go beyond the surface level. They delve into the “why” behind the “what,” providing a comprehensive understanding of key topics. For instance, the “Forecasting Workshop” isn’t just about creating a forecast; it equips you with the knowledge to understand market trends, analyze data and build a strategic approach to planning for your business’s future. 

Learn from the best: Cultivate workshops are led by industry experts — growers, retailers and educators with a wealth of experience and proven success. This is your chance to gain insights and best practices directly from the people who have been there and done that.

Network with peers: Workshops provide a collaborative environment where you can connect with fellow professionals facing similar challenges. Share ideas, exchange business solutions and build relationships that can benefit your business long after Cultivate ends. 

“These workshops are far more interactive than a typical education session or webinar,” said Meagan Nace, senior manager of education program development at AmericanHort. “Each of these programs is designed to build off previous education where attendees have expressed interest in a deeper dive. They are specifically built to let attendees collaborate and learn from each other.”


Here’s a sneak peek of the value you can gain from workshops being offered at Cultivate’24:

Forecasting: Gain the expertise to build a data-driven forecast, a critical tool for optimizing profitability and navigating market uncertainties. Whether you want to learn how to build forecasts, brush up on your skills, or expand the purview of your company, this workshop will help you make forecasting a strength within your organization and a strategy for building your profitability. 

Pencil to profit — a sketching and selling workshop to close more plant sales: Learn how to create quick landscaping sketches that will help you close more plant sales and increase transaction dollars. Enhance client communications in a way that helps you understand their project vision and bring it to life. Whether you’re a landscape company or a garden center, this workshop equips you with the design principles and techniques to move from quick sketches to successful sales. 

Creating the best branded digital content — a traveling workshop: Transform your brand’s social media presence by learning best practices for content creation from industry leaders. You’ll discover tactics for capturing compelling photos and videos, as well as simple editing techniques and programs. Analyze real-world examples as you visit local garden retailers who are acing the content creation game, including Groovy Plants Ranch. You will walk away with strategies for content creation that maximize your limited time and don’t require a huge budget.

Pest management skills workshop: This dynamic workshop is tailored for growers seeking effective pest management solutions. Step into the greenhouse to develop essential hands-on skills for identifying and combating pests. Then sit down with experts in the classroom to delve into management strategies for key pests. 

Cultivate’24 workshops are more than just add-on sessions; they’re an investment in your professional development and the future success of your business. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a competitive edge, refine your skills and connect with industry leaders. Sign up for a workshop when you register for an Expo Plus Pass or All-Access Education Pass, and unlock the full potential of Cultivate’24!

Celina Young

Celina Young is the marketing and communications specialist at AmericanHort. Learn more and register at americanhort.org/cultivate.