Editors’ Letter: Healthy Plants, Healthy Business

I’ve spent a lot of time in greenhouses so far in my career. Whether it was working with plant pathogens or monitoring growth and inventory, using biological controls was a discussion that came up often. They could be a useful way to prevent disease problems by implementing them right away. Or, if greenhouse production is already in full swing and a pest problem presents itself, using beneficial bugs could be a great option over spraying pesticides to get things under control.

Today, many operations are using biological controls to some extent, while others are interested in incorporating them into their pest management programs, but they don’t know where to start. Check out page 16 for some great ideas on how to get started and tips to achieve success with biocontrols from industry experts.

In my experience, most facilities will end up with a spider mite problem at some point in their production cycle if they’re not extremely careful. If you’ve been dealing with spider mite issues in your greenhouse, specifically twospotted spider mites, flip to page 14 for an interesting read.

Certain pesticides could be influencing the behavior of these pests — and you’ll want to know how to overcome that in order to have the best pest management results. And, if you ask me, it’s another great reason to check out the details on adding biological controls to your pest management program to combat these spider mites before you end up with a huge infestation or large pesticide expense.

And speaking of monitoring plant growth and inventory, what management tools are you using these days to keep track of these important aspects of your business? Basic spreadsheets and clipboards full of notes may have worked in the past, but as your business grows, are you noticing that it isn’t working anymore?

Software management tools can be a great investment to help with sales, inventory and production monitoring, and with saving time throughout the day. There are quite a few choices out there, so check out page 26 to learn what software options you should be looking for to fit your needs now and for the future.


We’re excited to open nominations for the 12th year of our 40 Under 40 program on Nov. 1! We look to you to help us find the next 40 exceptional individuals in horticulture under 40 years old.

Do you know someone who is making big moves to push the industry forward and improve its future? Tell us who you think is the brightest flower in the bunch, the top pick in your greenhouse, the best of the best in their field.

GPN’s 40 Under 40 wants to represent all the important areas of our industry, so if you have someone in mind who works in marketing, academics, retail, growing or research — just to name a few — we want to hear about them. If they’re making a huge impact on our industry, it’s time to submit a nomination, so they have a chance to be honored in the Class of 2023. Visit gpnmag.com/40under40nomination for more details.

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