Growing with Plasma Lighting

Chameleon Grow Systems has developed a plasma grow light to help greenhouse growers produce healthier and more profitable plants.

Chameleon Grow Systems has developed a plasma grow light from the light emitting plasma offering from LUXIM in Sunnyvale, Calif. What differentiates plasma grow lighting from legacy HID grow lighting is the incredible spectrum of light that is very similar to the spectrum of light plants use for photosynthesis.

After seeing this spectrum we knew we could use it for plant growth so we neatly packaged it and created the Solar Genesis plasma grow light. We immediately reached out to universities for validation and have been exceptionally pleased with the results. We have proven time and again that Chameleon Grow Systems Solar Genesis plasma grow lighting produces more root mass, thicker stems, more green leaf matter and shorter internodes than traditional HPS of MH grow lighting.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: An RF circuit is established by connecting an RF power amplifier to a ceramic resonator known as the “puck.” In the center of the puck is a sealed quartz lamp that contains metal halide materials and other gases.

Step 2: The puck, driven by the power amplifier, creates a standing wave confined within its walls. The electric field is strongest at the center of the lamp, which causes ionization of the gases, creating a glow.

Step 3: The ionized gas in turn heats up and evaporates the metal halide materials forming an intense plasma column within the lamp. This plasma column is centered within the quartz envelope and radiates light very efficiently.


Our research shows that Chameleon plasma grow lighting benefits compared to traditional HPS or MH grow lighting include:

More CCT (correlated color temperature) Full-Spectrum Nutritional Sunlight-Energy than any other grow light

  • 5780k = Sunlight
  • 5500k = Chameleon Plasma
  • 2100k = High Pressure Sodium

More CRI (Color Rendering Index) than any other Grow Light on the Planet

  • 100 CRI = Sunlight
  • 95 CRI = Chameleon® Plasma
  • 24 CRI = High Pressure Sodium


  • More root mass, thicker stems, more green leaf matter, shorter internodes
  • Better spectrum produces a more balanced ecosystem producing healthier plants that are more disease and pest resistant
  • More nutritious, better tasting vegetables
  • More colorful ornamentals
  • Accelerated growth characteristics for plugs and transplants

Longer Lifespan

  • 30,000 Hours = Chameleon Plasma
  • 20,000 Hours = High pressure sodium

Exceptionally Robust Product Design

  • Aircraft quality construction (designed by aerospace engineers)
  • 316 stainless steel construction (same material used on oil rigs in the North Sea)
  • Wet location rated (watch us spray it with a water hose on our YouTube Channel)
  • Camera quality optics with proprietary anti-reflective optical coatings


  • 10-year limited warranty
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee

To learn more about the doctoral level and third party researchers who have been conducting research on the performance of plasma grow lights contact Chameleon Grow Systems.

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