Humidity management and VPD topics featured at Great Lakes EXPO greenhouse sessions

As growers continue their best practices for their farms and greenhouses, they must consider how air temperature, humidity and fertility could affect plant rooting. During the 2022 Michigan Greenhouse Growers Expo, growers have the opportunity to learn about these issues through four different sessions.

With over 30 years of experience in farm advising for the commercial greenhouse and controlled environment industry, professor and floriculture Extension specialist, Paul Fisher will present “To VPD or not to VPD” during the Michigan Greenhouse Growers Expo.

Fisher’s session will help growers understand how relative humidity, air temperature and other factors affect plant rooting. Fisher will also discuss how certain technologies, such as LED lighting, mist and fog, can be balanced for young plant success.

Vapor pressure deficit (VPD) is a method growers use to measure humidity in a growing environment. Relative humidity, used to measure the humidity levels in a greenhouse, is closely related to VPD. As Fisher will discuss, crop management is vital for all growers.

Paul Fisher

“Humidity management is an advanced crop management concept, so I will help growers understand VPD versus relative humidity during my session,” Fisher said. “VPD is a helpful measurement when using climate sensors to control misting. It is also a key concept for indoor vertical farms where growers can control all aspects of the crop climate. It’s helpful for growers to understand how plants use and lose water in order to avoid drought stress or overwatering.”

Water is the number one factor to root success, according to Fisher. He recommends growers pay attention to crop stages, climate and soil moisture level when watering key crops.

Other sessions featured at the 2022 Michigan Greenhouse Growers Expo include “Getting started with greenhouse lighting,” by Erik Runkle, “Managing pH, fertility, temperature, light and PGRS,” and “The ins and outs of shade crop production,” both presented by Garrett Owen.

Learn more about these sessions and others at The 2022 Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable and Farm Market Expo and the Michigan Greenhouse Growers Expo will be held Dec. 6-8 at DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan.