Educational Webinars

GPN Presents 2020 California Spring Trials by Dümmen Orange

Join us for an informative video and live presentation of the 2020 Dümmen Orange California Spring Trials displays and new varieties. Chris Berg, Director of Marketing for Dümmen Orange will take us through new innovative series like the wildly fun Roller Coaster New Guinea Impatiens, the nationally award-winning Main Street Coleus, and the state-of-the-art interspecific breeding done with DuraBloom Petunias and Woodlander Phlox.

Sponsored by: Dümmen Orange

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VitaMum: the latest in garden mum innovation

Learn about the unique VitaMum assortment shining with large flowers in bold and fresh colors. They offer disease resistance and are selected for extended color retention, resulting in straightforward production and a long shelf life to expand the selling window. Combining grower needs with consumer demands, family varieties mix and match with ease for small or large pot programs and as combinations. Predictability, heat delay resiliency, and flower longevity are all available in the true families for the perfect grower program and consumer appeal.

Sponsored by: McHutchison

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Soilless Substrates in Containerized Cannabis Production

This webinar will cover a broad range of topics to educate growers about the basics of “soil” and “soilless” crop production, including:

  • An overview of what soilless substrates are (and aren’t)
  • The pros and cons of using mineral/field soil compared to a soilless mix option
  • A quick navigation through some of the common substrate components and their properties
  • Suggestions for selecting, storing and handling substrates at your grow facility

Resources will be shared to serve as future references on topics like media testing, reusing and recycling substrates and value and need of substrate additives.

Presented by: Brian Jackson, associate professor and director of the Horticultural Substrates Laboratory in the Department of Horticultural Science at NC State University.

Sponsored by: Berger

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Production Considerations for Growing Industrial Hemp

This webinar covers production considerations for industrial hemp for the field farmer, greenhouse grower, and propagator. Dr. Allison Justice provides a broad overview of what is involved in growing hemp and the differences and similarities between industrial hemp and other commonly produced crops.

Sponsored by: Oasis Grower Solutions

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Big Grower Executive Webinar 2019

Once again the industry’s leading economist as well as the horticulture industry’s voice in Washington D.C., Dr. Charlie Hall (Texas A&M) and Craig Regelbrugge (AmericanHort), teamed to present this year’s Big Grower Executive Webinar.

During the webinar, Hall and Regelbrugge provided participants with their keen insight on what is on the economic and legislative horizon for 2020. They examined up-to-the-minute issues facing our industry to help growers make sense of these complicated topics and how they could influence the industry in the coming year.

Sponsored by: NuFarm

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The ABCs of N-P-K: Nutrient Management of Hydroponic Crops

This webinar will discuss critical factors when developing a nutrient management program including: fertilizer selection and compatibility, nutrient solution monitoring, and how environmental factors impact nutrient availability. In addition, common nutrient disorders will be discussed as well as strategies for diagnosing and solving these problems to ensure a healthier, higher-yielding crop.

Sponsored by: Nexus, RBI,

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Best Management Practices (BMPS) for Pest Control in Ornamentals

Controlling the major pests in ornamentals, such as aphids, spider mites, thrips and whiteflies, is a lot more than just spraying a bunch of pesticides and hoping you get some control.

Speaker Roger Styer covers what goes into a solid pest control program for any type of pest you may have. Areas covered include sanitation, scouting and monitoring, and knowing how to recognize what pests you have.

Sponsored by: Nufarm

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Transitioning to Cannabis

Considerations you should make before taking the plunge into cannabis production.

Speaker Al Sray explores the key facility and construction questions that horticulture businesses need to contend with when jumping into the cannabis business.

Sponsored by: Berger

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What’s on the Economic and Legislative Horizon for the Coming Year

As you prepare your business for the new year, you and your team probably have questions about where the economy is headed and what is happening in Washington.

The industry’s leading economist, Texas A&M’s Charlie Hall, and our industry’s voice in Washington, AmericanHort’s Craig Regelbrugge, will give us their take on what they think is on the horizon for the green industry. During this free webinar, Hall and Regelbrugge will examine how the continually shifting economy and the changes in Congress after the mid-term elections could impact your business in the coming year.

Their insights will help you make sense of all of these changes so you can make informed decisions for a successful 2019.

Sponsored by: Fine Americas and Nufarm

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Advanced Techniques for Applying Plant Growth Regulators

Most growers of ornamental crops know how to use plant growth regulators fairly well to control growth of the various flowering crops they grow each year.

However, every year varieties change, spacing requirements change, more crops are being grown during spring in larger containers, and labor is becoming harder to find and more expensive.

Some of the topics that Roger Styer will cover during this free, one-hour webinar include: Knowing how to use drenches on combination liners before potting; using branching agents to cut down on trimming and fill out containers quicker; controlling growth on poinsettias without overdosing bracts; and figuring out vigor differences between varieties are every grower’s challenges.

Sponsored by: Fine

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