April 2016

Bees and Pesticides: An Overview

Concerns regarding pesticides and their effects on pollinators are nothing new, but recent issues have caused growers to reevaluate their impact and make changes to their production.

Culture Report: Ipomoea SolarPower Series

Let us reintroduce you to a well-mannered sweet potato vine.

Diagnostics… Why Do You Care?

Diagnostics... What does it mean to you? How much value do you put in it? The meaning of diagnostics and what it represents means a whole lot to many growers, then on the other hand, seems to... more

Diffused Glass

Glass has been used as a greenhouse glazing material for many decades primarily because of its high transmission of light and longevity. However, compared with other glazing options, glass is ... more

Fungus Gnats: More Than a Nuisance

Avoid plant damage caused by fungus gnat populations by practicing vigilant scouting and using effective control options.

Mycorrhizae: Description of Types, Benefits and Uses

Incorporate these beneficial organisms into your production, and you may see improved plant growth and reduced nutritional deficiencies, as well as benefits to the end user.

Perennial Solutions: Erysimum ‘Rysi Moon’

Recent breeding has given new life to this underutilized wallflower.

Selecting a Monitoring System

Don’t leave your plants to chance. How can you choose the right monitoring system for your commercial greenhouse operation?

Selling Roses to the Next Generation of Gardeners

How can we sell gardening products to Millennials? Grabbing the attention of young gardeners is a popular topic in our industry today because the subject resurfaces very often in our industry ... more

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