April 2020

A Passion for Breeding

Petunia and calibrachoa are two of the biggest genera in our industry today. As a flower breeding company, Westhoff has focused on distinguishing itself from their competitors by developing varieties ... more

Adapting to Change

If you would have told me six years ago that I would be writing an article about sales instead of growing, I probably would not have believed it — but here we are. I love growing plants, watching ra... more

Are XXpire and Altus Neonicotinoids?

Question: I have heard that XXpire is returning to the marketplace for use in greenhouse production systems. However, I am curious; are XXpire and Altus considered neonicotinoids? Answer: You ask a... more

Biostimulants in Crop Production: Performance Optimization

Michelle: I got my first introduction to horticulture during a summer internship with Gail Nonnecke and Richard Gladon in the Horticulture Department at Iowa State University. I was hooked! I complete... more

Bodacious Begonias

Boasting diversity, adaptability and performance in 2019 trials, these begonias deserve your attention.

Chat Room — April 2020

This month, we asked readers about petunia and begonia production, plant diseases, and use of biologicals. Click on the PDF below to see what they had to say.... more

Culture Report: Bandolero Lantana Series

Bandolero lantana (Lantana camara) was bred to have large flowers and a vigorous branching habit. It’s an excellent series for large containers, premium summer combos and the landscape. It has an ea... more

Managing Irrigation by Measuring Leachate

How can this easy-to-use method help growers fine tune their irrigation practices?

Spring Is Not Canceled

I’m an eternal optimist; it’s probably one of my most annoying qualities (according to my husband). So, never in a million years did I think I’d be writing about a global pandemic in my very fir... more

The Importance of Plant Diagnostics

What’s wrong with my crop? That’s one of the most common questions for Extension educators. While some growers can be hesitant to talk about production challenges, others realize that early and ... more

The Premix Dilemma

While tank mixing is a common practice, it certainly has its challenges. Today, many premixes are available — which option will be most useful for you and your operation?

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