April 2022

2022 is the Year of the Salad Greens

Salad greens are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. Find out why you should add salad greens to your operation.

Agriculture’s Economics: Are Consumers Always Happiest in Low Price Markets?

Peter Konjoian is president of Konjoian’s Horticulture Education Services Inc. His career spans four decades as a commercial grower, researcher and consultant. Michelle Klieger founder and president of Stratagerm Consulting, an agricultural consulting firm serving the global seed industry. Konjoian can be reached at peterkfest@comcast.net.

Dümmen Orange to Debut Intrinsa Varieties

Dümmen Orange is introducing the world’s first TMV-resistant petunia collection at 2022 California Spring Trials (CAST). The company has developed a new brand, Intrinsa, that takes advantage of ... more

Growing Demand Forecast for CEA Crop Consultants

Controlled environment agriculture is expanding, and crop consultants will be in high demand.

Holistic Prevention of Plant Diseases the Best Practice

A comprehensive approach to plant health is the best way to grow healthy plants.

Methods of Evaporative Cooling for Achieving Climate Control: Technically Speaking

One of the major reasons we grow crops in greenhouses is for temperature control. While it is relatively easy (but not necessarily cheap) to heat greenhouses, it can be challenging to cool them. Air c... more

Sun Parasol Mandevillas: Culture Report

No summer offering is complete without these lush, gorgeous tropicals.

Vaughn’s View: Colorful, Exciting & Distinctive Perennials

Perennial breeders continue to develop new introductions with outstanding characteristics and attributes. This is Part 2 of Vaughn’s 2021 Summer Trials Report on perennials. 

What the Research Says About Millennials and Houseplants

The words “millennial” and “houseplant” have been used in conjunction for the past few years in the horticulture industry. Millennials are defined as U.S. consumers ages 26 to 42. Generation Y... more

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