August 2018

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes … An Industry Advancing

This month’s guest is Dave Kuack, a freelance technical writer who has been writing about the commercial horticulture industry for more than 25 years and was previously an editor at national trade m... more

Cultivate’18 — A Time for Introductions

I have just returned from Cultivate’18 in Columbus, Ohio, as this issue was going to press. I’m still trying to sort through all of the new business cards I received, track down all of my receipt... more

Culture Report: Petunia Success 360° Series

This line extension to the original SUCCESS! series boasts huge flowers that bloom early and are perfect for premium programs.

Giving Back for the Future

When I travel to see customers around my territory year after year, I often wonder who will take over for the owners when they are ready to retire. Do they have someone in mind to take over or will it... more

Hot Performers from the Southern Plant Trials

These new annuals present unique colors, flower stability and exceptional summer performance.

Managing Labor in the Current Environment

It isn’t news to farmers that the agri-labor market is a current challenge. The shortage in able-bodied workers and difficulty filling H2-A Visas, plus the added financial burdens the current requir... more

New — and Newly Discovered — Tools for Growers

Use these six water tools to help manage water in your greenhouse more efficiently.

Preparing for Disaster

It seems like every year we hear about some natural disaster or another — the Midwest with their tornadoes and ice storms, the East Coast with hurricanes, flooding just about anywhere but especially... more

The Season’s Best in Landscape

As the landscape category continues to gain traction, it is important growers choose proven performers to complete their programs and help consumers find success in the garden.

Using a GA to Increase Plant Height

There are a number of reasons why a grower might want to increase the height of a plant. Most commonly, plants are too short because a plant growth retardant (PGR) was applied at too high of a rate or... more

What’s New in Downy Mildew?

With the emergence of downy mildew diseases over the past several years, what is your best approach to limiting possible threats?

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