February 2020

2020 Poinsettia Introductions

With the 2019 poinsettia season behind us, it’s never too early to start planning for the 2020 season.

Celebrate Lavender!

The National Garden Bureau has recognized 2020 as Year of the Lavender in its perennial category. The industry has certainly seen new introductions in lavender and even some breeding breakthroughs. So, how can you take advantage of this trending crop?

Chat Room — February 2020

This month, we asked growers about poinsettia production, Year of the Lavender and marketing plans. Click on the PDF below to see what they had to say!... more

Creating Efficient Greenhouse Designs

What steps can you take to create an efficient greenhouse operation and, in turn, increase profitability?

Culture Report: Nepeta ‘Neptune’

This award-winning variety presents large, cheerful blooms on a dwarf plant.

Harnessing Soil Microbes: Past, Present and Future

Colin Bell is co-founder, co-inventor, and chief growth officer of Growcentia, parent company of Mammoth Microbes, Ft. Collins, Colorado. Colin completed his Ph.D. in Soil Microbial Ecology in 2009 an... more

Marketing in the Grower World

Marketing is often a concept that is unfamiliar in the grower world. We’re comfortable with keeping things consistent and are often resistant to change. “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” ha... more

The Colorful World of Danziger

With a multitude of new and unique annuals and perennials in its portfolio, these varieties exhibited outstanding performance during 2019 summer trials.

The Perils of Low (Greenhouse) Temperature

The time it takes to finish a crop is primarily a function of the average daily temperature. Plants develop progressively faster as temperature increases, and likewise develop progressively slower as ... more

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