January 2018

Building a Smart, Sustainable Greenhouse

Greenhouses equipped with magenta-colored glazing panels generate electricity that can be used to operate equipment and reduce energy costs.

Creating a More Effective Team

We’ve all heard the phrase “too many chiefs and not enough Indians.” Sometimes that is what happens when we are told to sit down with others and come up with a plan. It could be something to ach... more

Culture Report: Dianthus American Pie Series

Introduced in the United Kingdom by Pinks by Whetman, this new collection offers customers large scented blooms in fashionable hues.

Exploring New Media Options

This new bonded media for propagation of cuttings, seed and grafted plant production provides uniform, fast and superior rooting.

Growing Plants and Relationships

With a passion for connecting plants to people and a drive to achieve goals as a future greenhouse grower Karen Schneck earned this year's award.

Horticulture is Weird — Plantology is Cool!

How are you connecting to younger generations through your business? Join the Seed Your Future movement, and inspire young people to consider a career in horticulture

How Horticulture Internships Help Grow Our Industry

When I was younger, I heard from every angle how important a college degree can be for your career and success. There is no shortage of career options in this country, but some of the most satisfying ... more

Maximizing the Benefits of Supplemental Lighting

The amount of photosynthetic light inside greenhouses can be a limiting factor when crops are grown during the winter and early spring. For most ornamental crops, a common goal is to deliver an averag... more

Phenomenal Perennials

It’s an exciting time in the perennial world, and demand at the consumer level continues to grow. These hardy standouts provided flowering throughout the summer at various trials in 2017.

Pursuing Passion and the Industry’s Future

Learn about the 2018 GPN/Nexus Intern of the Year and how you can submit a nomination for GPN’s 40 Under 40 Class of 2018.

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