January 2019

A New Color, a New Column and a Deadline

If you haven’t already heard, last month the color experts at Pantone announced that Living Coral is their choice for Color of the Year for 2019 (see page 9). Pantone describes its selection as “... more

AutoStix Challenges and Opportunities

Is this new automated transplanting system right for your greenhouse?

Chat Room — January

Editor’s Note: Beginning in 2019, GPN will send a survey each month to readers on various topics. Chat Room is a new monthly feature that will report the survey results. This is the perfect venue to get to know your peers and where you stand in different categories. Do you have a question you want us to ask? Contact Managing Editor, Jasmina Dolce, at jdolce@greatamericanpublish.com.

Covering All Bases

Jessica Yaeger's comprehensive internship experience at Illinois-based Midwest Groundcovers provided her with insight into the horticulture industry and her professional future.

Culture Report: Begonia Top Hat Series

This exciting new begonia breakthrough is at the top of its class with extra large flowers and quick finish time.

Ethylene in Floriculture

Ethylene is a hormone that influences growth and development of plants throughout their life cycle. It is a colorless gas that is active at very low concentrations, even at parts per billion (which is... more

Getting a Piece of the Indoor Food Gardening Market

Researchers at the University of Florida are working hard to understand the ins and outs of this fast-growing trend.

Sizzling Summer Combinations

These mixes demonstrated characteristics breeders strive for in recipes. Both dramatic and striking, these top performers stood out in late August out of hundreds of baskets.

Soilless Culture: On the Forefront of Science and Innovation

It is common in academia for professors to have “split appointments,” which define (roughly) what our career focus and programmatic areas are at our respective universities. At North Carolina Stat... more

The Ultimate Comeback

Houseplants are finding their way back into more and more households. How can you capitalize on this growing opportunity?

What are the Effects of Adjuvants on Biological Control Agents?

Question: I have heard much about the effects of pesticides (insecticides and miticides) on biological control agents, but what about the influence of inert ingredients in pesticide formulations — in particular, adjuvants?

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