January 2023

Chat Room — January 2023

Each month, we send out a survey to our readers on a variety of topics and report the results here. Chat Room is a perfect venue to get to know your peers and where you stand on different issues affecting the industry.

Culture Report: Lobelia Hot+ Series

This next generation of heat-tolerant lobelia offers larger flowers and more uniform plant habits.

Editors’ Letter: Being the Consumer

Have you ever wandered through a garden center looking for plants that will look great in your space and put a smile on your face? Then, when you find options, the labeling is sparse and you’re not ... more

Forty Under 40 Perspectives: Maximizing Your Environmental Control

The time is always right to get the most out of your environmental control. In times of higher costs — labor, energy and more — you can sometimes find more savings by getting more from your curren... more

Improve business with the right resources

Tags, labels and signs for your plants can be an important aspect of doing business — playing different roles for growers, breeders, retailers and consumers. Growers often use tags to identify pr... more

Investing in Innovation at Metrolina Greenhouses

Building a greenhouse is a complex process from start to finish but, if done right, it can provide years of cost-effective productivity and profit to your operation.

Learning the Ways of Greenhouse Growing

Seth Benjamin’s internship at Neil Mast Greenhouses/Mast Young Plants gave him the knowledge of greenhouse growing that he needed to move forward in his career. It also earned him the award of 2023 GPN/Prospiant Intern of the Year.

Technically Speaking: Several Consequences of Growing Too Cool

An increase in natural gas exports, geopolitical events and strong demand have led to a considerable increase in fuel prices in the last two years. Unfortunately, this has made it substantially more e... more

Updating Your Greenhouse for Efficiency

Emerald Coast Growers offers efficiency-building tips from their ongoing expansion plan.

Vaughn’s View: Stunning Summer Performers Part 1

Extend flower colors through the heat of summer with varieties that provide eye-catching impact with consistency, heat resistance, humidity and rain tolerance, and flower stability.

Year of the Celosia

This versatile annual comes in many popping colors, with its plumed and spiky textures drawing a lot of attention from consumers.

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