July 2014

Biological Controls of Diseases

How can you make use of these tiny chemical factories?

Controlling Fungus Gnats

Question: I am contemplating the use of biological control against fungus gnats. Can you please provide information on the commercially available biological control agents? Answer: Fungus gnats (Br... more

Crop Culture Report: Bounce Interspecific Impatiens

This year, Selecta introduces all-new genetics of interspecific impatiens for a great opportunity to grow and merchandise a shade product with confidence. Bounce is highly resistant to Impatiens Downy... more

Disease Discussions: Chemical Crutches

ARC: When we both started in our respective careers, most plant disease control products were quite broad in their spectrum of activity. In 1979, my first exposure to fungicides was testing an expe... more

Effective Use of PGRs

Application of plant growth retardants (PGRs) is the most common technique used by greenhouse growers to control crop height. When used at an appropriate rate and volume, PGRs can elicit desirable res... more

Growing with Plasma Lighting

Chameleon Grow Systems has developed a plasma grow light to help greenhouse growers produce healthier and more profitable plants.

Making Choices

When it comes to making landscape purchasing choices this year, consumers are basing their decisions on two major areas — enhancing their outdoor living areas and the environment.Earlier this year, H... more

Perennial Solutions: Oriental Lily Roselily Series

Pollen-free double flowers grab attention with a rose-like appearance and light fragrance.

Playing Favorites

In the June issue of GPN, you read about some of the trends we came across during our journey through California for the 2014 Spring Trials. This month, we're focusing on the new variety introduct... more

Research is Our Middle Name

As the title of this article implies, 'research' is literally, and figuratively, our middle name. We are the Greenhouse Production Research Group (GPRG), a part of the USDA's Agricultural ... more

Salt-of-the-Earth Plants — Easing the Pain of Drought

Water shortage and poor water quality are critical challenges to gardening and landscaping in many regions of the world and will no doubt continue to challenge our industry. With rapid increases in ur... more

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