July 2022

Bacteria & Viruses Having a Field Day This Year

Pathogens have been busy this spring in greenhouses. 'Oh my, what a year!" writes Margery Daughtrey of Cornell University's Long Island Horticultural Research & Extension Center.

Culture Report: Endless Summer ‘Pop Star’ Hydrangea

This new compact lacecap variety exhibits impressive reblooming power.

Forty Under 40 Perspectives: Teaching Is Our New Normal

Growers know that every production season is different from the last. Springs and seasons may be similar, but they are rarely the same — and never the same year-to-year. This presents ... more

From the Editor: Bee-ing Your Best

Bees — are they friend or foe to your business and your clients? On the one hand, honeybees are nearly cartoonish creatures, absorbed with their work of diving into blossoms and the alche... more

How to Keep Plants In Shape by Using PGRs in Your Greenhouse Operation

Incorporating a plant growth regulator in in your operation helps ensure strong, attractive crops from the time they leave your greenhouse to when they reach customers.

More Trends from California Spring Trials

Houseplants, herbs, edibles and petunias were some hot categories among the new varieties at CAST in April. This is the second article from that event.

PGRs & Succulents

Preventing undesirable post-production succulent stretch with a single PGR drench.

Technically Speaking: Air, Leaf and Root-Zone Temperature

Temperature is the primary factor that influences the rate of cell division, which is the driving force for plant development. The rate of development typically increases linearly as tem... more

Vaughn’s View: Bright and Radiant Basket Combinations

The Costa Premiere Spring Basket Trial featured over 84 basket combinations with some real standout recipes.

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