June 2018

Culture Report: Dianthus Corona Series

Add a regal touch to cool-season sales.

Getting Ahead of the Pack: Predicting Trends

So business is good, spring is behind us and summer is almost here — everyone is busy. Looking ahead? Are you getting your IPM program revised for the hottest time of the year and the pests that are... more

Horticultural Lighting Applications

Lighting from electric lamps is increasingly being used in the production of horticultural crops grown in controlled environments. However, sometimes there is confusion about the different lighting ap... more

Let’s Talk Crotons

Boasting impressive durability and vibrant color, this plant category deserves a spot on your bench.

Planting with a Pollinator-Friendly Purpose

How can you benefit from the buzz while supporting the environment?

Quick Steps to Fertilizer Injector Maintenance

Read on for some tips that will help ensure your fertilizer injector is working properly.

Storytelling at the Trials

Now that the Spring Trials are over, it's time to take the stories the breeding companies and suppliers shared with us and use them to better your businesses for next season.

The Need for Natives & Pollinators

Gratitude, it’s the bees knees. For what are you most grateful? Your family? Certainly. Your health? Of course. Your heartbeat? Undoubtedly. Bees? Wait…what?! If you’re asking yourself why bees ... more

The Role of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Plant Nutrition

To determine how mycorrhizal fungi can benefit your production, consider applying these inoculants in your next growing cycle.

Traditional Versus Hydroponic Fertilizer Practices

Do you know the differences and similarities when it comes to fertilization practices for traditional growing media culture and hydroponic culture? Joining me today is Cari Peters, vice president o... more

Trial Premiere: 2019 Annual Introductions

These new introductions stole the show at Costa Farms’ spring preview.

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