June 2020

Chat Room — June 2020

This month, we asked readers about the California Spring Trials and houseplants. Click on the PDF below to read what they had to say.... more

Culture Report: Primula ‘Oakleaf Yellow Picotee’

This unique new perennial is an easy, carefree cultivar that provides cheerful blooms over oak-leaf shaped foliage.

Exceptional 2021 Annual Introductions

The second installment of our Costa Farms trial evaluation will highlight strong, season-long performers.

How Much Could Hemp Benefit from Supplemental Light?

Research with grow lights could help growers improve propagation and production of hemp, resulting in higher cannabinoid yields.

Let’s Talk Pandemic & Horticulture

In these unprecedented times, growers must prepare for the unpredictable season ahead.

The Houseplant Utopia

Our world has been progressing indoors. We’ve gone from ancestors who’ve farmed, living in small huts and communicating with a person no further than three miles away, to the present work of desk ... more

The Show Must Go On

While the trek down the California coast was not physically possible this year, the exhibitors still had tons of material to share with growers for the upcoming season. Here are some highlights from their virtual displays!

UV-Transmitting Greenhouse Glazing

Materials used to glaze greenhouses and hoophouses have different transmission properties, including ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Approximately 4% of the sun’s radiation output is as UV, but since th... more

Who Has the Power?

Knowledge is power, and if you have an impressive crop and want to see its success at all levels, that message must be brought to the consumer.

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