March 2019

Chat Room

This month, we asked growers about CEA growing methods, petunia production and PGR use. Click on the PDF below to read what they had to say.... more

Culture Report: Gomphrena ‘Truffula Pink’

This easy-to-grow gomphrena has gained interest nationally in plant trials and will make a unique addition to your crop portfolio.

Four Tips to Success in Hydroponic Growing

With limited resources and increasing populations, alternatives to traditional farming are trending and growers are now looking to hydroponic techniques.

Improving Your Fertilizer Efficiency in 20 Minutes

Read on to learn about four easy ways to increase nutrient efficiency in your greenhouse.

Internship Success Stories

Growing the industry requires supporting younger generations. Internships are a great way for students interested in horticulture to gain experience and nurture that curiosity.

Let’s Talk Aglaonema

From traditional green to new colored varieties, this foliage category is increasing in popularity with new varieties in development and working their way to the market.

Petunia Basket Medley

These eye-catching petunia varieties proved to be top performers in the Raker-Roberta’s basket trial in Michigan last summer.

Success with PGRs

Commercial producers of floriculture crops usually rely on plant growth regulators (PGRs) to increase plant quality attributes. The primary role of most PGRs is to inhibit extension growth, so that pl... more

The Empowerment of Recognition

On Jan. 22, the Syngenta Flowers team had reserved the evening for the yearly Val-You Awards dinner. During the night, colleagues get recognized for their efforts and valued for their hard work. This ... more

Why Grow Dry?

What are the benefits of growing with less water?

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