November/December 2022

Biocontrol: How? Why? When? Yes, I Can!

Selecting the best natural predator and keeping a schedule are crucial to a successful biological control program.

Culture Report: Zydeco Zinnia

Fully double flowers increase flower longevity with lasting impact.

Dr. Bugs: How Pesticides Influence Spider Mites

Question: I have heard that certain pesticides (in this case, insecticides and miticides) can affect the behavior of spider mite pests. Can you please elaborate more on this issue?

Duets: Gender Bias in Horticulture: Part 2

Next generation women move forward.

Editors’ Letter: Healthy Plants, Healthy Business

I’ve spent a lot of time in greenhouses so far in my career. Whether it was working with plant pathogens or monitoring growth and inventory, using biological controls was a discussion that came up o... more

Forty Under 40 Perspectives: Labor of Love Lost Between Generations

As a 1985 baby, I fall into two categories: millennial and Generation X. This never seemed like much of a concern as I was entering the workforce. I recall being grouped as “entitled and lazy” by ... more

Take Control of Managing Your Inventory

Using software to manage your production can help alleviate common issues and give you more control in important aspects of your business.

Technically Speaking: Getting Started With Supplemental Greenhouse LED Lighting

The use of electric lighting inside greenhouses is nothing new, but the technology and sophistication of lighting have advanced dramatically in the last several years. Unlike conventional fixtures (i.... more

Vaughn’s View: Leaf Colors and Textures in Coleus

These seed and vegetative coleus varieties are new for 2023 and will demonstrate production versatility and successful sell-through in the retail environment.

What’s Next in Houseplants

Proven Winners discusses new trends in houseplants and how they are meeting the demand in 2023.

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