October 2013

A Colorful New Year Ahead?

Once again, the color experts at Pantone have spoken. Last month, they released their latest compendium on fashion colors for 2014. The report, Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring 2014, is a comprehen... more

Controlling Amaryllis Height with Pre-Plant Bulb Soaks

One of the drawbacks of producing amaryllis is the lack of uniformity. The following study evaluates the effectiveness of various PGR applications and methods.

Crop Culture Report: Fuchsia Windchimes Upright Series

Fuchsias bring forth a bit of nostalgia for those of us old enough to remember our grandparents and parents purchasing plants to brighten their porches and balconies. The fuchsia Windchimes will devel... more

Crossing Over: Vegetable Diseases in the Ornamental Greenhouse

Increasingly, many ornamental growers have chosen to add vegetables and herbs to their product mix. Although the important diseases and arthropod pests of the well-researched vegetable and fruit crops... more

Disease Resistance: Building Blocks for Healthy Vegetable Crops

When it comes to vegetable gardening, the ultimate pay-off is a harvest basket brimming with fresh produce. For vegetable gardeners, it is all about plant performance, fruit production, flavor and bra... more

Grafting Revolution!

Grafted veggies offer growers and gardeners many benefits, including disease resistance and increased yield.

Growing with the Flow: A World of New Tomato Options

It seems home gardeners want everything out of their home-grown tomato that their typical grocery tomato lacks Ð different colors, funky shapes and amazing taste, basically everything homegrown heirl... more

Perennial Solutions: Campanula portenschlagiana ‘Miss Melanie’

With its extended bloom time and attractive compact habit, this bellflower should find its way to your late spring perennial lineup.

Turning On/Off Supplemental Lighting

An increasing number of growers are using high-intensity lighting during low-light periods to increase crop growth, especially during young plant production. The benefits of increasing the daily ligh... more

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