October 2017

Are Your Expectations Realistic?

Dealing with our businesses and personal lives on a daily basis, do you feel like you are entitled to something — or even everything? Many people do. Some businesses claim to have high standards and... more

Controlled Environment Agriculture: Creating the Ideal Environment

Diving into CEA methods of growing can be intimidating, but the results — such as crop quality and lower operating expenses — are worth the initial investment.

Culture Report: Pericallis Senetti Series

Wake up your spring sales with Senetti! Follow these production pointers for best results growing this colorful, cool-season crop.

Developing New Plant Lighting Standards

Standards are developed so there is consistency and conformity in products to improve confidence and comparability in new technologies. Until now, standards for electric lighting were specifically for... more

Finding the Right Rx

As consumers continue to look for new ways to escape the craziness of their everyday lives, more and more of them are looking to their gardens to grow different types of plants that will make them fee... more

From Grower to Builder: Why It Matters to Start by Thinking About the End

As the head grower of BrightFarms’ Capital Greenhouse farm in Culpeper, Virginia, I’m intimately involved with my crops from the moment they’re planted until the day they’re harvested and pack... more

Hydroponic Vegetable and Herb Production

Chris Currey, assistant professor at Iowa State University, and Peter Konjoian, president of Konjoian’s Horticulture Education Services Inc., define hydroponics and discuss its applications.

Safe Edible Production

Read on for some techniques, both chemical and non-chemical, that show great promise in safe edible production.

Supplemental Greenhouse Lighting: Evaluating Innovative Technologies

Reducing crop cycle time, improving quality and reducing the number of PGR applications are just three of the major benefits you can expect by implementing supplemental lighting into your operation.

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