September 2014

A Peek Into the Future

Does your company have an intern program? If so, did you have the opportunity to work with an exceptional college student this year who you think really has a bright future in our industry?If you work... more

Comparing Gaillardia

The comparison trials at Pacific Plug & Liner is a must-see stop along the California Spring Trials tour.

Crop Culture Report: Anytime Pansiola Series

This new hybrid combines the large flower size of pansies with viola performance.

Disease Discussions: Correct Culture Can Stop Diseases

ARC: How important are cultural controls when you help a grower minimize a disease? I know I like to spend 90 percent of the discussion on water management, using pathogen-free seeds or liners, and g... more

Intumescences: Further Investigations into an Elusive Physiological Disorder

In the December 2013 issue of GPN, we published an article that discussed the development of a physiological disorder known as intumescence. For those who may be unfamiliar, intumescences are small bu... more

Lighting the Future of Young Plants

How can growers use LED lights for supplemental and sole-source lighting?

Perennial Solutions: Helenium ‘Mariachi Salsa’

Compact Helen’s flower produces spicy, deep red flowers with dark chocolate buttons in mid to late summer.

The Double-Ended HPS Lamp

When creating a lighting plan, light uniformity is just as important as light intensity.

Weed Control in Herbaceous Perennial Container Production

Container-grown herbaceous perennials have serious weed problems with few or no weed management tools. This article will discuss some cultural, chemical and non-chemical methods for controlling weeds ... more

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