September 2018

Are You Listening to Your Customers?

What kind of a question is that? Of course we listen to our customers. When they call you, do they get to hear your automated message… press 1 for ___, press 2 for___? They press 2, then hear press ... more

Comparing a Whole Lotta Dianthus

Each year, the team at Pacific Plug & Liner conducts a comparison trial of one genus during the California Spring Trials. This year they trialed dianthus, with a focus on vegetative varieties.

Culture Report: Zinnia Profusion Series

A zinnia with an attitude, this grower-friendly series offers a wide selection of colors, extreme uniformity and exceptional garden strength.

EXPO panels to examine food safety, inspections

Produce recalls are becoming too common. Food safety is paramount, and Ohio and Michigan are among Great Lakes states that will begin offering free food safety inspections in the next year. States are... more

Getting to the Root of Saving Time, Space and Money

A new rooting technology is helping growers simplify their growing processes, maximize their production space and increase their profits.

LEDs Offer an Energy-Smart Option for the Greenhouse

We are in the midst of an LED revolution. Light emitting diodes, LEDs, are small bulbs that operate with electrons in a semiconductor material. They’re extremely useful: small, easy to operate and p... more

Let’s Talk Heliconia

What’s more tropical than a heliconia bloom? Bring that beauty to your customers with this season-extending crop.

Mind Those Mites: Scouting and Control Tips for Poinsettia

How can you control Lewis mite and spider mite populations on your poinsettia crop?

New Perennial Standouts

With a continued focus on perennial breeding, breeders are introducing exciting varieties that strengthen their popularity.

Purple vs. Pink vs. White LED Fixtures

There are two primary types of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) used in horticultural applications. The first type is an LED that emits a specific color of light, such as blue light or red light (Figure 1... more

Stunning Begonias in Southern Trials

Begonia breeding has come a long way, with improved flower structure and exciting colors. These standouts proved to be top performers in basket trials this year.

What About the Effect of Fungicides on Bees?

Question: We hear so much about the supposed negative effects of the neonicotinoid systemic insecticides on bees; however, what about the effects of other pesticides such as fungicides? Answer: You... more

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