May 11, 2021
2021 WEEDCon Cup To Judge Craft Cannabis, CBD Products

The 6th WEEDCon Cup awards will take place on May 20 in Los Angeles, California, judging the best cannabis products. The two-day affair includes awards for Best Flower, Best Cannabis Concentrate, Best Edible, Best CBD Tincture, Best CBD Topical, Best Dispensary and other categories. In a COVID-safe environment, WEEDCon attendees will enjoy the Cup Awards, music, food, networking and education speakers.

The coveted WEEDCon Cup is 15lbs of cut crystal with sterling silver handles on a marble base and to get one you need to beat out the very best cannabis companies in the world. Companies like Papa & Barkley, a three-time WEEDCon Cup winner for their tinctures, topicals and concentrates, is a leading provider of wellness products in the cannabis industry. Originals Family Farms is another multi WEEDCon Cup winner providing some of the very best indica flower in the world right here in Los Angeles including their signature Oakstradam OG.

WEEDCon Cup takes place with retailers, brands, farms and distributors gathering to view the newest and best cannabis products. Cosmic Distribution, for example, handles multiple companies in the Cup like Woodstock with their Ancient OG hybrid preroll and Exir with their elegant Frosted Cookie Bars – a 24 karat gold cone infused hybrid preroll that is wrapped in 24 karat gold and must be smoked to be believed.

Sponsored by Sun Brand, a trusted name in CBD products, the 2021 WEEDCon Cup awards will include entries by Amplified Farms, which cultivates high-grade indoor cannabis focusing on strong and exotic strains; and MedCare Farms, a family-owned business focused on wellness, entering a Cookies & Cream hybrid cannabis strain used for pain relief and anxiety. Cannabis and CBD are known worldwide for their medicinal properties including pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties.

Another WEEDcon Cup hopeful, Evergreen Distribution’s TR7PLE SE7EN (777) is entering their Peanut Butter Breath hybrid flower and The Plug is entering their Pro Cake hybrid flower and their Premium Hash Rosin Concentrate. Also entering the Best Concentrate category is Papa’s Select with their Strawberry Jelly water hash, Garlic Juice Live Rosin Badder and ZBerries. A cannabis concentrate is made without using a solvent while an extract uses a solvent like butane, propane or carbon dioxide (CO2) to extract the cannabis concentrate. The Best Extract category includes multi WEEDCon Cup winner Rove Brand entering Bacio in the Best Indica Vape category, Orange Melon for Best Sativa Vape and Blueberry Muffin in the hybrid vape category. Dime has entered their 1000mg sativa Vape Tank.

In the “baked” goods category, Madame Munchies has a cannabis-infused French macaroon called the Cookie Monster and Tossed, Sauced & Baked entered their cannabis-infused Caramel Sauce in the Best Confection category. In the Best Chocolate category we have Buddy’s Chocolate Haus hand crafted and family owned entering their best selling Mint Chocolate, Hazelnut and Cranberry Joy, THC Bars. Papa & Barkley has also made a foray into the cannabis-infused cholate market with their THC Rich Releaf Chocolate.

Companies entering the 2021 WEEDCon Cup include Kyle Labs, Sun Brand, Clique Cannabis Co., Ape Premium Cannabis, Clade 9, Cream of the Crop, Amber, Lost Coast Exotics, Growpacker, Seven Leaves, Black Market Cannabis, Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance, Exoticgenetix, Press, Cosmic, Royal Blunts, Love Life and others. For more information, visit

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