Jun 27, 2024
AgTech partnership addresses efficiency in water management

A new collaboration between nanobubble technology company Moleaer Inc. and Griffin Greenhouse Supplies Inc. aims to revolutionize agricultural input efficiency, particularly in water management.

This partnership, announced ahead of Cultivate 24, North America’s premier horticulture trade show, promises to introduce cutting-edge solutions to the industry.

Nanobubbles, minuscule bubbles invisible to the naked eye and 2,500 times smaller than a grain of salt, hold significant promise across various sectors, including agriculture. Moleaer’s expertise in deploying nanobubble technology, coupled with Griffin’s extensive history of serving greenhouse and nursery producers, is set to empower growers with advanced tools for optimizing productivity and reducing costs.

The collaboration underscores Moleaer’s commitment to enhancing global horticulture and agriculture practices, leveraging over 1,000 installations worldwide. Through increased dissolved oxygen levels in irrigation water, enabled by nanobubble technology, growers can expect improved crop quality, enhanced root development, and greater resilience to environmental stresses like drought and heat.

“The webinar ‘Get More from Your Irrigation Water’ will showcase how nanobubble oxygenation transforms crop production economics,” said Justin Leavitt, Moleaer’s North American business development manager for horticulture. “We’re eager to demonstrate how this technology can elevate growers’ sustainability and profitability.”

Griffin Greenhouse Supplies Inc. and Moleaer Inc. will host the webinar on July 10, offering growers insights into optimizing operations with nanobubble technology. Attendees can also visit their joint exhibition at Cultivate 24 from July 13-16 in Columbus, Ohio.

More information and registration is now open.