Jun 12, 2024
Albuquerque tech companies launch pesticide alternative

Breezy Blue Response Fogger is an automated crop management and disinfection system that was created through a partnership between Terra Vera and Build With Robots. This device offers a chemical-free solution for growers, utilizing Terra Vera’s biomimicry technology to provide smart, automated crop care.

The Breezy Blue Response Fogger is designed for both indoor and greenhouse environments, ensuring comprehensive coverage of all surfaces and plant canopies. The compact unit features three fogging programs. It also includes the Breezy Smart Controller, enabling remote operation of up to 50 units via Bluetooth and offers real-time status updates on each device.

The fogger, equipped with amino acid solutions, is designed to enhance plant immunity from root to flower, protecting against pests and diseases. These solutions are a non-toxic alternative to traditional pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, making them safe for both people and the environment.

“It’s fantastic to partner with another Albuquerque-based tech company dedicated to making labor processes more safe and efficient for workers. The Breezy Blue Response Fogger allows growers control and flexibility over their crop management while reducing their exposure to traditional chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. It is an environmentally-friendly alternative that saves time and costs while protecting the integrity and overall yield of plants,” said Carlos Perea, CEO and co-founder of Terra Vera.

For more information, visit terravera.com.

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