Nov 30, 2020
Arcadia Biosciences Expands GoodHemp Sales To Canada

Arcadia Biosciences, Inc., a company taking science-based approaches to enhance the quality and nutritional value of crops and food ingredients, signed a distribution agreement with Tritium 3H, Inc. (T3H), a Canadian hemp seed company based in Lethbridge, Alberta. T3H specializes in hemp field testing, certified seed production, commercialization and distribution of industrial hemp varieties for the Canadian market.

T3H will distribute Arcadia’s GoodHemp seed varieties and genetics in Canada once they have been certified by the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (“AOSCA”) and Health Canada. The initial varieties distributed will include:

  • Umpqua: CBD dominant, early photoperiod variety for both the smokable and CBD extraction markets. Prized for its unique terpene profile.
  • Rogue: CBD dominant, high yielding intermediate photoperiod variety for the CBD extraction markets. Brings exceptional yields under low planting densities.
  • Santiam: CBD dominant, early photoperiod variety with exceptional utility in northern latitudes for both the smokable and CBD extraction markets. Delivers step change yield potential.

“This agreement solidifies our plans to accelerate the commercialization of Arcadia’s hemp genetics internationally and affirms market demand for our portfolio of superior GoodHemp varieties,” said Arcadia CEO Matt Plavan. “We’re proud to partner with a well-respected distributor like Tritium 3H to bring our CBD dominant, short-day varieties to Canada’s industrial hemp growers. Our GoodHemp varieties were field-tested extensively in regional and national trials by the T3H and Arcadia teams. Working closely with T3H, we expect AOSCA certification in mid-December, Health Canada certification in February and significant commercial sales in the spring prior to the planting season.”

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