Mar 2, 2022
Bayer Offering Special Pricing on Two Preemergence Herbicides

The Turf and Ornamentals business of Bayer, part of the Environmental Science unit, is offering special pricing to growers on Marengo and Marengo G herbicides for their spring applications.

Until April 30, 2022, customers can earn up to 6% in savings on their purchase of these products.

“Growers depend on Marengo and Marengo G herbicides because they provide long-lasting control, reduce labor and eliminate the need for repeat applications,” said Alison McFee, head marketing manager for the U.S. Turf and
Ornamentals business. “It is just about time for spring applications, so we are thrilled to offer this special, timely pricing to help growers save this year.”

Through this program, growers purchasing at least four bottles of Marengo and 40 bags of Marengo G will earn additional savings: Marengo and Marengo G herbicides provide up to eight months of control over difficult weeds such as eclipta, bittercress, groundsel, oxalis, marestail, spurge, crabgrass and annual bluegrass.

With the most recent label expansion, Marengo now controls 15 additional weeds, is eligible for use on 178 new plants, and is now approved for over-the-top application on 12 plants. The label also includes the option for spring or fall applications on 266 tolerant plants.

Growers should contact their Bayer representative before April 30 for this special pricing. They can also visit to compare the cost in-use of Marengo compared to their current herbicide program as well as to find a Bayer representative.