Aug 23, 2021
CannaSafe Appoints New Management Team

CannaSafe, California’s leading ISO accredited cannabis testing laboratory, has announced that CEO Aaron Riley will amicably depart from the company to pursue testing ventures in emerging markets. CannaSafe has selected three new members to the leadership team, and Riley will continue to help facilitate the transition of the Los Angeles lab that began in early 2021. Riley will be moving on to build out the Oregon and Florida locations but under a new entity.

Through this reorganization, partners Bill Scrogins and Greg Balotin are set to become owners, while Gerry Dabkowski will assume the role of incoming CEO. Antonio Frazier and Ini Afia will be retained as president and chief science officer, respectively. Additionally, several members of CannaSafe’s original science team have returned to the company in recent months to advance the company’s testing capabilities.

“After 5 years at CannaSafe, I have decided to move on to my next venture in the testing space,” said Aaron Riley, CEO of CannaSafe. “I will be working on a continuation of early personal investments in a facility in Orlando and look forward to breaking into the growing Florida market. I am excited about this new opportunity and am grateful for my time at CannaSafe.”

In the coming months, CannaSafe will be expanding its services with a more robust offering of testing and research. The company added additional cannabinoids to their testing scope, bringing the total roster up to 15. CannaSafe also recently upgraded its lab instrumentation and expanded R&D offerings to include particle size, emulsion stability, shelf life, and HLVD testing. CannaSafe’s laboratory testing services are utilized by the most recognized and trusted California cannabis and hemp brands, leveraging its R&D facility geared at opportunities to make groundbreaking discoveries in cannabis and hemp.

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