CO2Meter and Gaslab Acquisition

May 2, 2022
CO2Meter Inc. Acquires

CO2Meter Inc., which designs and manufactures solutions for high-quality gas detection, monitoring, and analytical use, has acquired, a leader in oxygen gas sensing and monitor technology.

The purchase further expands on CO2Meter’s leadership in gas detection markets, according to a news release from the company, according to a news release from the company. Since its incorporation in 2006 CO2Meter works diligently to utilize the latest, proven gas sensing technologies in a variety of settings, including greenhouse growing of ornamentals and agriculture, according to the company’s website.

GasLab‘s business model and products allows CO2Meter to expand its technical proficiency and quality product offerings in conjunction with CO2Meter’s current portfolio,” CO2Meter CEO Travis Lenander said in a news release.

“We are so excited to be able to make the GasLab acquisition in only our sixteenth year in business,” Lenader continued. “I’m delighted for our organization and our employees to have such a tremendous opportunity to continue to grow the business and to delight our current and new customers with this expanded product portfolio.”

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