Mar 13, 2013
Daniels Plant Food Renamed Nature’s SourceSource: Ball Horticultural Co.

Ball DPF recently launched Nature's Source, a new brand name and packaging identity that was formerly known as Daniels Plant Food. Nature's Source is more descriptive of the company's seed extract-based plant nutrition origin.

Ball DPF recently launched Nature’s Source, a new brand name and packaging identity that’s more descriptive of its seed extract-based plant nutrition origin.

Formerly known as Daniels Plant Food, Nature’s Source offers horticulture professionals the same no-risk guaranteed performance, and home gardeners the safe and effective plant food they’ve grown to love.

The new brand will make its industry debut at Spring Trials.

The foundation of the Nature’s Source formula is seed extract, a renewable source of plant nutrition. The easy-to-use liquid mixes instantly with water, and its concentrated formulations make it an economical choice as well. The low-salt formula won’t burn crops and improves plant quality.

“While we are proud of our heritage, we made this bold decision because we’re expanding sales to our existing market segments and entering new ones. It was a good opportunity to start with a fresh name and a modern look for all our products and packaging,” says Chance Finch, general manager for Ball DPF.

“We wanted to make it obvious, beginning with our Nature’s Source brand name, to know our products are sourced from nature. Growers, contractors and gardeners can be confident that our effective and unique formulations remain unchanged. We’re excited about launching updated packaging for all our products, and especially the new ready-to-spray plant food for home gardeners.”

For more information on Nature’s Source Plant Food, call 888-839-8722.