Feb 4, 2022
Dark Heart Announces Seedless Cannabis for Commercial Growers

On Jan. 31, Dark Heart Industries, a cannabis genetics company based in California, announced the world’s first seedless triploid cannabis for commercial growers.

Dark Heart’s PistilGuard technology produces triploid cannabis seeds and clones that essentially cannot produce seed, even when directly exposed to pollen. This technology innovation means that triploid cannabis can be grown on the same scale as corn, wheat or industrial hemp.

“Our cannabis genetics using PistilGuard triploid technology are an industry first,” said Dan Grace, founder and CEO of Dark Heart Industries and Dark Heart Nursery. “The ability to grow THC-rich cannabis from sterile, triploid seeds and clones that are guaranteed to produce virtually seedless plants is a huge win for the cultivators we support. Pollen-proof cannabis, and the advantages it offers, will help move cannabis production from artisanal cultivation to large-scale agriculture.”

“The development of triploid seedless varieties has been a huge step forward in many commercial crops including watermelon, banana and apples,” said Ken Owens, PhD vegetable breeder and former president of Magnum Seeds. “This trait’s introduction in cannabis is a real breakthrough that will allow higher yields, reduced costs as well as improved aromatic and chemical qualities of the crop. All this leads to higher profitability and control of your crop.

“Now that scientists at Dark Heart have developed the core technology, they’ll be able to introduce new seedless, triploid-based strains and cultivars through traditional breeding that should bring cannabis production to a whole new level very soon,” added Owens.

PistilGuard branded seeds and clones will be available exclusively to Dark Heart customers and partners this year through field trials, then will be generally available for sale to all California commercial growers in 2023.

For more information, please visit darkheartindustries.com

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