Jan 12, 2022
Data Shows Top Five Cannabis Sales Days of 2021

Business intelligence from Akerna, an enterprise software company and the developer of the most comprehensive technology infrastructure, ecosystem, and compliance engine powering the global cannabis industry, has revealed the top five cannabis sales days of 2021 in the United States.

2021 US Top Cannabis Sales Days:

  1. 420 / April 20: $111.8 million
  2. Black Friday / Nov. 26: $99 million
  3. Green Wednesday / Nov. 24: $98.2 million
  4. Thursday before Christmas / Dec. 23: $94 million
  5. Friday before Labor Day / Sept. 3: $90.1 million

420, the unofficial cannabis consumption holiday, was the largest cannabis sales day ever. Together, these top sales days brought in over $493 million in cannabis sales. Akerna will release its annual Cannabis Industry Year-End Review report with additional data, research, and industry information later this month.

“When comparing the top sales day of 2021 to the top sales day of 2020, 2021 saw a 25% increase in sales,” said James Ahrendt, business intelligence architect at Akerna. “Last year’s top sales day – Dec. 31, 2020 – wouldn’t have even made it on the top five chart in 2021.”

“We’ve diligently been tracking legal cannabis sales for over a decade and have seen constant growth each year, even amid the ongoing pandemic,” said Jessica Billingsley, Akerna CEO. “Whether people are turning towards cannabis to celebrate holidays, for its countless medical benefits, or as an alternative to other substances, it’s clear that Americans are increasingly purchasing cannabis each year.”