May 27, 2024
Driving improved yields in cannabis

Fluence, a provider of energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for commercial cannabis and food production, released the results or its partnership with California cannabis cultivator Clade9.

In the first grow cycle under Fluence LEDs, Clade9 experienced a yield increase of 70%. 

“We’re proud to support growers in finding optimal lighting solutions to differentiate in the competitive cannabis market,” said Michiel van Dam, CEO of Fluence. “In partnering with specialty growers like Clade9 and its founder and CEO, David Holmes, our horticulture services team of cannabis cultivation experts was able to introduce LEDs into their precision grow environment without any disruption to product quality.”

With more than 25 years of cultivation experience, Holmes is a pioneer in the California cannabis industry. Holmes created Clade9 in 2015 with a vision for providing consumers access to the highest-quality cannabis products. 

To maintain and enhance product quality, Clade9 and Fluence converted a grow room outfitted with 72 high-pressure sodium (HPS) light fixtures to 72 Fluence RAPTRs, a high-output top light built specifically to function as a one-to-one replacement for legacy HPS fixtures.

In the first harvest cycle under the new lights, Clade9 produced 281 pounds per grow room, up from an average of 165 pounds per grow room prior to the Fluence partnership — a 70% increase in yield — while maintaining the high standard of quality for which Clade9 is known. 

“The quality of light fixtures is crucial. Fluence’s RAPTR fixtures are easy to install and maintain, and have made an incredibly positive impact on our grow,” Holmes said. “But the real reason to work with Fluence is the support. Their team of cultivation and design experts made every step of the process easier — and have helped us optimize elements beyond lighting to ensure we meet and exceed our goals.”

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