Jan 14, 2021
EPA Approves Grandevo WDG For Use In Hemp

Marrone Bio Innovations (MBI), a global provider of bio-based crop protection and plant health products, has received approval for Grandevo WDG Bioinsecticide and Grandevo CG for use on hemp by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Grandevo WDG has also been approved for use in New Zealand and Chile.

Grandevo WDG 5 lb. bagGrandevo WDG is a microbial-based insecticide that contains several active compounds to repel, stop feeding, reduce reproduction, and induce mortality of damaging populations of sucking and chewing insects, flies and mites. Grandevo is ideal for integrated pest management (IPM) programs as it is soft on a wide range of beneficial insects including honeybees. The bioinsecticide is also Maximum Residue Limit (MRL) Exempt, requires minimal Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), has a 4-hour Re-Entry Interval (REI) and is approved for both organic and conventional production.

The approval of the bioinsecticide in the U.S. will provide growers with help in the management of problematic pests such as thrips and mites and comes at a time when, due to the highly regulated environment of hemp growing and processing, limited crop protection products have been available. Growers are encouraged to check with their state pesticide regulatory agency or MBI for registration status and can expect state approval in time for the planting of the 2021 hemp crop.

To learn more about Grandevo WDG Bioinsecticide, visit www.MarroneBio.com/products/grandevo.

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