Nov 5, 2021
Flora Growth Receives Good Agricultural and Collection Practices Certification

Flora Growth Corp., a leading all-outdoor cultivator and manufacturer of global cannabis products and brands, has received the Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) certification by the Control Union Medical Cannabis Standard (CUMCS). Paired with the recent Colombian law change, Flora may now export its high-quality dry flower to international GMP active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) producers or to markets where flower can be imported.

“In advance of this milestone, our team has signed several LOI’s for the sale and distribution of dry flower and derivative products to several international jurisdictions, including the EU, Australia, and Latin America. We are now in the position to unlock the significant potential from Cosechemos as we continue building our global distribution network,” said Jason Warnock, Chief Revenue Officer of Flora Growth. “Our team believes this certification demonstrates our ability to offer high-quality output, while also serving as an important precursor to GMP certification so that we can produce pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products and cannabinoid-based active pharmaceutical ingredients.”

Cosechemos Operational Update

The team at Flora’s flagship cultivation and processing facility, Cosechemos, has maximized the cultivation potential provided by the local climate and infrastructure, achieving a production cost below $0.06 per gram of dried flower.

Other major developments from operations at the Cosechemos facility include:

  • Actively harvesting non-psychoactive (CBD) cultivars and achieving yields 40-60% higher than Flora originally anticipated.
  • Planted the initial crop of high-THC cultivars, with the first harvest expected to occur in November 2021.
  • Construction of the on-site extraction facility has advanced on schedule and is set to begin operation on November 15th.
  • Commenced working with Hoshi International on the pre-audit process with Malta on gaining EU-GMP for Flora’s cannabis extraction facility.

“The primary focus at Cosechemos this year has been optimizing and scaling our cultivation and processing activities while working closely with regulatory bodies and agencies to be granted our GACP certification so that we can commercially distribute our medical-grade cannabis products internationally,” said Javier Franco, VP of Agriculture of Flora Growth. “Receiving the GACP certification validates our ability to operate at internationally recognized quality, safety, and sustainability standards. This further establishes our commitment to operational excellence and transparency, as well as our commitment to producing high-quality, consistent cannabis products to serve the global cannabis markets.”

As part of the CUMCS-GACP certification process, Flora Growth underwent an extensive year-long review that included a detailed analysis of the Company’s cultivation, harvest, and post-harvest activities. As part of the certification process, specific elements were reviewed including operating procedures, standardized sanitation protocols, use of phytosanitary products, integrated pest and disease management, and measuring environmental impact. Control Union Certifications is a leading international certification agency and global leader in medical cannabis certification. The CUMCS certification standard is based on GACP guidelines of The World Health Organization (WHO), the GACP Guidelines of the European Medicines Agency, Guidelines of the Dutch Government for Cannabis for Medical Use, and the International Standard for Good Agriculture Practice.

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