Oct 26, 2021
Fluence by OSRAM Debuts Lighting Products

Fluence by OSRAM (Fluence), a global provider of energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for commercial cannabis and food production, debuted six products at MJBizCon 2021, including its high-output SPYDR 2h, SPYDR Fang, waterproof RAZR Enclosed and next-generation RAPTR top light as well as its new lighting controls, Wireless Flex Dimming and the SHYFT Light Scheduler.

Following the announcement of its multiyear global research study results — which showcased the effects of broad-spectrum lighting solutions on crop yield and quality — Fluence demonstrated its innovative new products at the company’s MJBizCon booth.

“In our recently announced research results, Fluence noted a clear, positive impact on cannabis crop yield, cannabinoid content and overall plant quality under broad-spectrum lighting,” said David Cohen, CEO of Fluence. “According to the 2021 State of the Cannabis Lighting Market report, LED usage for cannabis cultivation has increased more than 45 percent for all stages of growth since the initial report in 2016. The efficacy of LED lighting solutions for cannabis cultivation is no longer a question. Cultivators have embraced the power of LEDs and are seeking new ways to harness broad-spectrum lighting technology to optimize their cultivation environments. Fluence’s innovative new products—informed by the latest photobiology research—will enable cultivators to achieve exceptional crop performance.”

The latest luminaires from Fluence include:

SPYDR 2h: An extension of Fluence’s SPYDR series—featuring luminaires designed for single- or multitier growers who want to optimize grow space—the company’s high-output SPYDR 2h produces a photosynthetic photon flux of up to 2,080 μmol/s. Supported by results from Fluence’s multiyear global research studies observing cannabis growth under high light intensities, the SPYDR 2h is designed to maximize yields.

SPYDR Fang: The SPYDR Fang is designed specifically for the retail buyer and built with Fluence’s trusted, research-backed and science-led engineering leveraged by commercial growers throughout the world.

RAZR Enclosed: Following its debut in June 2021, the RAZR Modular System is now IP67 waterproof to withstand hyper-wet and humid environments within a vertical farm. The RAZR series is also now available with various spectral options, including broad-white as well as dual red and blue light.

RAPTR: Fluence’s latest top light solution serves as an advanced one-to-one high-pressure sodium replacement. The next-generation top light consumes 1,000 watts at a high output, plugging in seamlessly to a grower’s existing facility for streamlined retrofits.

“Fluence’s high-output SPYDR 2h will transform how cannabis cultivators approach each stage of plant production,” said Jordon Musser, chief product officer for Fluence. “We’ve seen incredible yield and quality metrics at high PPFDs and we’re excited to collaborate with our growers to incorporate high-intensity lighting and cultivation strategies into their operations.”

The company also debuted lighting controls, including:

SHYFT: Available in North America, Fluence’s light scheduler, SHYFT, offers patented photoacclimation capability and daily photoperiod control for 0 to 10 V LED and dimmable fluorescent fixtures.

Wireless Flex Dimming: In addition to SHYFT, Fluence’s Wireless Flex Dimming solution leverages Bluetooth mesh technology to wirelessly control fixtures. With Wireless Flex Dimming’s plug-and-play design, growers gain increased flexibility over light levels with no wire installations or additional labor costs. Fluence team members demonstrated the product’s wireless capabilities from within the booth.

For more information on Fluence, its products and release dates for the company’s newest solutions, visit Fluence’s website at www.fluence.science.