Sep 22, 2022
Fred C. Gloeckner Foundation Announces Grants Funded

The Fred C. Gloeckner Foundation Inc. has been providing a source of financial aid for research and educational projects in floriculture for 62 years. At its June 2022 meeting, officers and the board of directors met virtually and awarded 10 grants totaling $135,843. Since it was established in 1960, the Gloeckner Foundation’s support of floriculture research has totaled over $7.4 million.

After reviewing proposals from many colleges, universities and research institutions in the United States 10 grants in the amount of $135,843 were awarded as follows:

Iowa State University, Dr. Christopher J. Currey — Determining the effect of photoperiod, light intensity, and stress on flowering and tuberization of modern begonia hybrids. Awarded $9,732.

Kansas State University, Dr. Raymond Cloyd — Management of western flower thrips, Frankliniella occidentalis, populations in greenhouses by combining the biological control agents, the insidious flower bug, Orius insidiosus, and the rove beetle, Dalotia coriaria. Awarded $15,000.

Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, Dr. Jeb Fields — Exploring soil-less substrate stratification to reduce production costs. Awards $9,968.

Michigan State University, Dr. Roberto Lopez — Developing production protocols for quick cropping of containerized succulents. Awarded $13,000.

North Carolina State University, Dr. Brian Whipker, North Carolina Dept. of
Agriculture, Dr. Kristin Hicks, and Consumer Services, University of Kentucky, Dr. W. Garrett Owen — Establishing comprehensive floriculture leaf tissue standards. Awarded $14,000.

The Ohio State University, Dr. Michelle Jones — Determining the influence of nutrient limitation on the root microbiome of Petunia × hybrida. Awarded $12,088.

The Ohio State University, Dr. Francesca P. Hand — Sustainable disease
management practices for specialty cut flowers. Awarded $18,711.

University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Mary Wildermuth — Reducing powdery mildew disease and its impact on plant photosynthesis. Awarded $16,000.

New York Florists’ Club Grants 

Cornell University, Dr. Neil Mattson — A chlorophyll fluorometer for greenhouse lighting research. Awarded $16,144.

Cornell University, Dr. William B. Miller — Is Gerbera susceptible to chilling injury? Awarded $11,200.

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