Aug 6, 2020
Gloeckner Foundation Hands Out Research Awards

Officers and the board of directors of the Fred C. Gloeckner Foundation, Inc.  met virtually June 12, and awarded 13 grants totaling $131,440.

Since the Foundation was established in 1960, the Gloeckner Foundation’s support of floriculture research has totaled over $7.2 million dollars.

After reviewing proposals from many colleges, universities and research institutions in the United States 13 grants were awarded:

  • $10,000     Michigan State University (R. Lopez) – Quantifying the Influence of Substrate and Water Temperature on Caladium Production
  • $9,000        Michigan State University (R. Lopez) – Developing Propagation and Production Protocols for Potted Culinary Herbs
  • $8,000        University of Florida (D. Clark) – Collegiate Plant Initiative: Connecting College Students to Horticulture
  • $10,000      University of Central Florida (C. Mason) – Toward Breeding a More Fragrant Sunflower: Mapping the Genetic Architecture of Floral Fragrance in Cultivated Helianthus annuus
  • $10,000      Longwood Gardens, American Society for Horticultural Science also North Carolina State University, and the Seed Your Future movement collaboration (J. Dole, S. Yoder) – Seed Your Future: Promoting Horticulture and Careers Working with Plants.
  • $13,000      Kansas State University (R. Cloyd) – Integrating the Insidious Flower Bug, Orius insidiosus, with an Insecticide to Suppress Western Flower thrips, Frankiniella occidentalis, Populations in Greenhouses
  • $5,095        North Carolina State University (B. Whipker, B. Krug) – Fertilizer Mixing Calculator (FertCalc) Upgrade
  • $14,000      University of California, Berkeley (M. Wildermuth) – Targeting Powdery Mildew Genes That Act in Plant Colonization to Limit Powdery Mildew Disease
  • $10,000      The Ohio State University (M. Jones) – Using Beneficial Bacteria to Improve Post-Production Stress Tolerance and Shelf Life
  • $12,000      University of California, Davis (J. Del Castillo Múnera) – Characterizing the Emergent Pathogen Sclerotinia minor in Ornamental Crops in California and Evaluating an Integrated Approach for Disease Management
  • $10,000      University of Georgia (M. van Iersel) – Fluorescence Imaging: a Low-Cost Method for Early Stress Detection

New York Florist’s Club Grants

  • $10,345      Cornell University (M. Bridgen) – Developing In Vitro Techniques to Enhance Breeding of Ornamental Plants
  • $10,000     University of Wisconsin-River Falls (D. Zlesak) – Sponsorship of the New Edition of the Compendium of Rose Diseases and Pests

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