Dec 31, 2020
Golden Triangle Ventures Announces Successful Hemp Seed Testing On HyGrO Technology

Golden Triangle Ventures, Inc. has made significant advances on its technology division under HyFrontier Technologies, Inc. The company is currently testing its HyGrO technology, which is a molecular hydrogen and oxygen delivery system for agriculture, on many plants and applications. The company is pleased to announce the results of a CBD Hemp Seed test, grown with the HyGrO hydrogen water technology against a control test, conducted in Pueblo Colorado by Colorado Hemp Services and Halcyon Hemp.

Two nearly identical hemp plants in size and growth structure were selected at week zero of flower, to be grown for the remainder of the study. The HyFrontier Technologies “HyGrO” hydrogen water technology was used on one plant of each hemp strain throughout the flowering cycle, all the way to harvest. A “Control” plant of the same variety of hemp was grown in the same location with the same amount of regular care and maintenance, throughout the flowering cycle, all the way to harvest. Both plants were exposed to feminized hemp pollen from donor pollen plants. Both the HyGrO and Control plants were harvested and dried. One ounce of seeded hemp flower was collected from both the HyGrO and Control plants. This dried hemp flower was run through a screen to dislodge seed from plant material. This broken down material was run through a single pass in a seed cleaning machine. The resulting seed was collected and weighed. The resulting data was recorded and results calculated. This procedure was done for the following feminized hemp seed varieties: CBG Star, Chunk City, Ella Estrella, Hwy 69 Haze, Malbec, Marilyn Monroe, Skunk Star, Starfish, Steel City Star and Wilt Chamberlian.

The results of these ten plants showed an increase in feminized hemp seed production between 51% for Ella Estrella, to 445% for Starfish seed variety yields on plants grown using the HyGrO hydrogen water technology. The average yield difference for these ten hemp seed varieties was 158.79%.

“As seed breeders, Colorado Hemp Services and Halcyon Hemp are extremely excited about the results and we look forward to conducting further comprehensive research projects with HyFrontier Technologies,” said Travis Nelson, principal of Colorado Hemp Services. “We intend to grow hemp as well as other plant species while using the HyGrO technology in the 2021 season. We are working to obtain academic oversight in the year ahead and we are very impressed with the results we have received.”

Click here to view the full test report on the HyGrO Hemp Seed Test.

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