Sep 17, 2021
Green Flower Introduces Cannabis Credential Program

Industry education leader Green Flower has established the GF Institute (GFI) to promote professionalism, consistency, and equity in the fast-growing cannabis space. Parallel, a U.S. cannabis MSO, is joining GFI as a founding member of the industry’s first professional organization focused on workforce development. In addition, Tom Wilson, VP of Retail Sales at Parallel is joining as a GF Steering Committee member.

“Through the creation and adoption of cannabis credentials aimed at empowering employees and improving their experiences, Green Flower is excited to welcome Parallel in the introduction of this marquee program,” said Gil Christie, Green Flower President and Chairman of GF Institute. “Parallel’s strong focus on internal employee development at all levels and their culture of continuous improvement aligns very closely with GF Institute’s overall mission to promote professionalism, credibility, and equity in cannabis. This partnership will help Parallel make concrete progress toward its aspirations of being the cannabis industry’s best employer by providing a sustainable work environment that emphasizes its ability to attract and retain high quality cannabis talent.”

GF Institute brought leading industry experts and educational designers together in order to create the first three standardized credentials specifically designed for cannabis professionals. As a Steering Committee partner, Wilson and other cannabis leaders worked to guide, advise, and approve the curriculum as a whole to promote higher product standards, better customer experiences, and important consumer safeguards for one of the fastest-growing industries.

“While looking for the best cannabis industry education program, it was clear that Green Flower is the right partner for Parallel, as they share our employee-focus through continuous education and career development,” said Tom Wilson, VP of Retail Sales at Parallel. “With over 70% of our new roles filled by internal employees, the GFI program helps to solidify Parallel’s position as a premier leading expert in cannabinoids as well as ensure we continue building qualified cannabis leaders so we can consistently provide exceptional customer service in their pursuit of well-being.”

The standardized certificates available for cannabis brands at launch are targeted at the three most prevalent, plant-touching roles in the industry today:

  • The Dispensary Associate Certificate (DAC)
  • The Cultivation Technician Certificate (CTC)
  • The Manufacturing Agent Certificate (MAC)

    Any organization that adopts the GF Institute credentials before the end of 2021 will become founding members of GF Institute. Interested brands or executives may find more information and submit a membership application at


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