Apr 22, 2020
Greenhouse Coalition Launches #StayPlanted Initiative

To help advance CDC messaging for shelter in place and social distancing guidelines, a coalition of greenhouse growers and interior plantscapers recently launched a #StayPlanted initiative.

#StayPlanted encourages solidarity for shelter-in-place and social distancing directives by encouraging individuals to place plants in windows, and share pictures on social media of how having greenery has been beneficial during quarantine.

“Most people love their indoor plants for how they look, but many don’t realize the huge health benefits that come from access to plants and greenery,” said Denise Godfrey of Olive Hill Greenhouses.

Plants and greenery are often touted for their mental health benefits, and studies over the years show that access to plant life can help to reduce stress and symptoms of depression, all while helping to improve mood and concentration.

Olive Hill Greenhouses is among a number of family-owned nurseries that are supporting the #StayPlanted initiative. The initiative aims to highlight another creative way for people to stay positive during shelter-in-place and social distancing directives. As more individuals are literally “planted” at home, maintaining individual health and well-being has become a much bigger priority.

The #StayPlanted initiative has also revealed how plants can provide green-leafed companionship during social isolation.

“My plants have become my extended family,” said Maya Puller, a college student and self-described plant lover. “I acknowledge their needs, treat them kindly and, most importantly, love them. In return, they provide me with beautiful foliage.”

By placing plants in windows and sharing pictures and personal stories, #StayPlanted hopes to provide encouragement to others to shelter in place while sharing a bit of joy.

Olive Hill Greenhouses will be launching a new section on its website in the coming weeks to highlight this initiative and provide resources to consumers and retailers on how they can share their #StayPlant stories.