Jul 20, 2018
Griffin to Host Lettuce and Herb Workshops

Griffin will host two educational workshops on hydroponic lettuce and herb production, designed for ornamental growers who are considering a shift from flowers to food.

The program will take in Worcester, Massachusetts, on Aug. 27. An identical workshop will follow in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, at the Lancaster County Convention Center, on Sept. 25.

The workshops precede the company’s Grower & Retailer Expos scheduled for Aug. 28-29 and Sept. 26-27 respectively.

Each half-day program begins with a catered lunch followed by six educational sessions. Topics will focus on various considerations for growers interested in adding or transitioning production space for leafy greens and herbs. Seminars will be led by Griffin GGSPro technical services staff, along with hydroponics experts from JR Peters, Bioworks, Smithers-Oasis, BioSafe Systems and Bioline AgroSciences.

“Locally sourced produce is hot and carries premium value. This is definitely a growing market,” says Tami Van Gaal, division leader for controlled-environment agriculture at Griffin. “It brings opportunity to ornamental producers looking to revitalize, diversify or otherwise expand their businesses.”

The workshops will conclude with a panel discussion, wherein growers will share their experiences and answer attendee questions regarding the production of lettuce, herbs and other leafy greens.

“Transitioning from ornamentals to edibles requires changes to equipment and growing practices,” Van Gaal explains. “Our goal is to share real-world insights, so growers leave with a practical understanding of how these crops differ from flowers and what’s needed to succeed.”

Advance registration is required to attend. Cost is $129 per person; group discounts are available.

Visit www.griffins.com/lgw2018 for details and to register.

Those interested in attending the Griffin Expos may learn more and register at www.griffins.com/griffin-expo.

The Griffin Expos are open to professional growers and independent retailers at no cost to attend.